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I suppose we’re all like ourselves, otherwise we’d be someone else.

Special thanks to a special gifmaker, and a very special man…Pete Brockman.

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Warning Major Spoiler!



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This generation coming, is the most pivotal generation in the history humankind. And I know that if we can educate them, empower them, activated them, they have the ability to make this change. You look at a 14 years girl, now in 4 years, this child will be able to vote. Allowing them and showing them to realize that they have the most powerful voice in the world. - Ian Somerhalder for YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY [x]
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Vote for a YA Fiction character indie I should make?

So I’m going to do it, I said I was going to and I think I am. So with this I’ll be making an indie for one of the above characters specifically with a TVD verse to run alongside a verse of the actual book series they’re each from if anybody would do that with me. But I’m struggling to decide myself, so I guess this is me asking for help. Please please vote for one because I love seeing what you guys think and I’d love you all down lots and lots :3 I want to start playing them as soon as possible so I just kind of want opinions, y’know?

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